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About Us

What is MindMint?

MindMint provides an online platform to early-career researchers at the University of Groningen for showcasing their state-of-the-art research and for sharing their experiences as up-and-coming scientists.

The website also provides information about science communication in more general terms, other SciComm initiatives, and an overview of upcoming events in- and around Groningen about digestible and engaging content-creation!

All in all, MindMint is here to assist YOU in bringing your story to life! 


Are you interested in sharing 1) science stories, 2) your current PhD research, or 3) what it's like to be a PhD? We would love to help you with that - we are always looking for new content creators! If you are interested in contributing: please join our Slack channel and introduce yourself! Or if you have any other questions you can always write to us in an email to









Who is MindMint?

MindMint exists of a core Editorial Committee; they keep the website running, organize activities, promote events, and give feedback on the content that is being created. The MindMint Editorial Committee started in the summer of 2020 with Taichi, Laura, Hector, Aafke and Jonne. Since then, we have onboarded new members: Tanja, Katarina and Panagiotis! 


In addition, we have set up a SciComm Writing Club. You can become a member anytime! Members meet up regularly to brainstorm about new content and make the writing process more fun together!

On this platform, you will find:

On this website you can find blogs, columns, movies, radio interviews and any other type of content created by PhDs and Postdocs about:

  • their research (EN) and ‘ons onderzoek (NL); 

  • their field (EN and NL), i.e. current affairs and commentaries on scientific topics

  • a look into the kitchen of life as a PhD or Postdoc at the University of Groningen

  • info and events on science communication; i.e. workshops, trainings and other platforms in and around Groningen.

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