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Do you have a story to tell?

Did you discover something interesting or stumble upon a new development in your field? Or are you using techniques that people should hear about? 


Can you explain to others what it is like to be a PhD in your field? 


Do you have tips about science communication in general?

Do you want to create content to help explain scientific breakthroughs to the general public?

MindMint is here to help you get your story out and boost your science communication skills!


You can pitch any type of content that you think fits your topic! We encourage written content (i.e. blogs, commentaries, interviews, or columns) as well as non-written content (i.e. short videos, radio interviews, or podcasts). You name it, and we will make it happen!

Why publish with MindMint?

  1. You will receive extensive feedback on your ideas! Our editors think along to help you create the best piece of content for communicating your story.

  2. We love a low threshold: you can contribute a one-hit-wonder or become a regular contributor. In both cases, our aim is to make sure that you benefit from our outreach and network.

  3. Your content stays your content. You have ownership, so you’re allowed to publish your content elsewhere (e.g. on your own blog or social media) as long as you credit the original text from MindMint.

What happens after your pitch?

  1. You will be contacted by our Chief Editor who pairs you up with on of our editors based on your topic or type of content and provides you with the guidelines for content creation.

  2. You will discuss your ideas with your assigned editor and create a draft for written content. In the case of a non-written content (i.e. videos), you will be asked to provide a storyboard using [this] document.

  3. Revise and submit the final version. Your revised content will go back and forth between you and the appointed editor until a final version is decided upon. The final version will be reviewed by two reviewers before publication.

  4. The final version is published on the MindMint web page. You may share the link on social media with all your friends and family! Dependent on the type of content generated, your work will be shared in the appropriate platform (e.g. Youtube for videos).

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