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Image Contest - Audience Vote

The public voting poll is now open!


The MindMint team will count all the public votes and collecting the jury-verdicts. The winner will be announced based on public vote (25%) and jury vote (75%)

View all the submissions below and vote for your favority using the form at the bottom of the page!

1) Branching out

Cells all have their own functions and related to the function a certain shape. However, when we make cells express PRG5 in large quantities, any cell type can change its shape to become more like a neuronal cell, even if they have no neuronal function! They will create tiny little protrusions that are required for signaling between cells.


2) ID genes in tumors

High ID gene expression has been seen in various human tumor cell lines and could mediate cancer development by playing an active role in generation of new blood vessels and lymph vessels. Our Id inhibitor could stop tumor development and progression! Here you see a resected tumor of mice stained with this Id inhibitor as well as CD31. 


3) Cosmic horror in ancient chinese characters

In my PhD I study films with the genre of Cosmic Horror. The image on the left is the character of 'interaction' in ancient Chinese calligraphy, while the symbol on the right is an alien species in the cosmic horror movie District 9. Isn't it similar? The Chinese character shows alien-ish features, similar to other Chinese characters. Coincidence? I think not!

Cosmic Horror character.png

4) DNA Nanoflower

This image is a scanning electron microscopic image of a 1 µm size particle, that is composed of DNA building blocks, known as DNA nanoflowers. Due to the annealing of the adjacent ends of DNA templates to the complementary primer strand, a circular DNA sequence arises. Then, various nucleotides and DNA polymerases are added, causing folding into double-stranded DNA chains. Finally, these chains have electrostatic interaction, resulting in the formation of these 'flower-shaped' particles! 


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