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Image Contest - Audience Vote

Please note: The public voting poll is now closed! The MindMint team is counting the votes and collecting the jury-verdict. We will soon announce the winners on this platform!

In the meantime, you can still view the submissions below.

1) Great beauty is found in little things

We all dream about something we cannot do. Being able to fly, or walk on water. 
It's not in our nature. But what if we could learn from nature? Learn how to glide on water like water striders and fly gracefully like dragonflies? Cheating has never felt this satisfying.

Dragonfly wing.jpg

2) Jakarta/Batavia: A trip to the past

There is always something poetic about a train journey. But can you imagine how the railway has vastly influenced the transformation of our historic urban landscape? My PhD project highlights the impact of railway development on architecture and town planning discipline in one of the Dutch former colonies, Indonesia, and how the heritage of this nineteenth-century engineering breakthrough remains to be explored today.

Drawing_AF Yasmin.png

3) Of course you can help me paint!

In my PhD I use the sap of acacia trees to make a sustainable and safe paint, one that is kid- and pet-friendly :) The “painted” image shows the circularity of our design: a tree is painted on the wall using tree-derived paint.


4) Chemistry Waves

Chemists synthesize new compounds on a daily basis. When they are solids, they have different shapes and forms. One of the nice aspects of being a chemist is that these compounds can always surprise you with their shape; reminding you that nature has its own way of doing things.

Chemical Waves.jpg

5) Making peace with our own internal chaos

For nine years now, I tried connecting the dots between various deranged genes and pathways to understand cancer. With current focus on hereditary cancer, I begin to see that cancer is truly a genetic disease. Understanding and fighting it means trying to make peace with a chaotic force within ourselves - our own gene.

2022 Image contest submission - Andini.jpeg

6) Torn between two opposites: the beauty and the tragedy of obtaining a PhD

The photo shows a colourful flower field in the centre and the blurry outline of a central business district in the background. I aimed to symbolise mixed feelings about academia of being a harsh, competitive but also creative and stimulating environment at the same time.


7) Photo Negative of Climate-Induced Conflicts

This picture of peace, a forest and water is the opposite of climate-induced conflicts caused by deforestation and a shortage of water. 

2022-0423 Tanja van Hummel Sonsbeek.jpg

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